When we hear the word ‘fashion’ the first thing that pops in our mind is ‘Style’. Looking stylish and debonair is always fun and exciting. But it can also be dementing at times. Matching your whole outfit from your shoes to the bag can be tiresome. However, looking modish is one way to boost your confidence.

Personally, I feel fashion is similar to individual personalities, unique on its own, and varies from person to person. Fashion in today’s world has become a statement. You can tell a lot about one’s personal attributes from their fashion sense. But with the out-growth of fashion industries, people often become indecisive about clothes to wear, bags to carry, and many more.

While there are thousands of bags in the market that are stylish, on-trend, and also fashionable, not all bags are feasible on every occasion. When you have table work or you are someone who works from a laptop all the time, your options are limited for the backpack. Finding a spacious bag for all your belongings and also funky looking can be difficult. So, If you are someone who carries your backpack with you wherever you go but you are bored carrying the same bag all the time Himalaya Store can help with that!

Himalaya Hemp Backpacks

Himalaya hemp backpacks are lightweight, long-lasting, affordable backpacks for your daily use. Himalaya Hemp backpack is handmade. They are made from biodegradable materials and are enjoyable to use. Having a monochrome color backpack all the time is boring and dull.


Eco-friendly practices and products promote green living, which not only helps not to conserve energy but also makes the environment clean and green. These hemp backpacks are made using biodegradable materials like hemp, 100% cotton, jute, nettle. Hemp material or fabric is a sustainable textile, which is made of high-yielding crop fibers. They are environmentally friendly. You will be surprised to know that this material is five times stiffer and three times stronger than conventional plastic. So if you can look unique and stylish while contributing to saving our planet then why not??


Hemp Backpack is made from strong and durable hemp yearn. The fiber is extracted from the cannabis plant. The stem of the plant is soaked in water for 20 days. And after that, the stems are separated from the plants and boiled in ash water. These stems are then separated into thin layers and hemp backpacks are made.

THC- free:

THC is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant along with 100 different chemicals. As the hemp backpack is free from THC they are not only environmentally friendly but also animal friendly.

Street Fashion:

Street fashion is gaining popularity among the youth. More than following what’s new on the trend, youngsters prefer making their own statement. As the Himalaya Hemp Backpack has a wide range of designs, you can choose your personal favorite from the collection. Himalaya Store offers you these funky backpacks as per your needs and the occasion. So, You can develop your own fashion style and make a statement of your own. While being a responsible citizen and contributing to saving the planet you can still have your sway. Himalaya Hemp backpack can be the best choice as it is much better for our climate and health. Hemp Backpack can be used on any occasion as per your need.